ACSR is neither a commercial entity, nor a religious, sectarian or ethnic organization. Its membership is not restricted, and is open to all persons having legal status who are doing business as independent convenience store retailers or own any non-franchised lawful business (includes professionals) irrespective of their Religion, Sect, Race, Color, Gender, Ethnic background, or Language.

Why Should You Join?
• To receive better prices, discounts and rebates from vendors
• To receive better terms and conditions from service providers
• To safeguard your interests as a small business owner
• To be competitive in today’s business environment dominated by big businesses
• To provide ACSR greater bargaining power to negotiate better deals
• To increase ACSR resources to provide more valuable member services
• To allow ACSR to provide more diversified and productive activities for its members
• To make ACSR stronger
In Numbers is Strength: In Unity is Power
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