The aims and objectives of the Association are to encourage and foster the idea of unity, goodwill, and friendship as a basis to work together for developing, advancing and improving the economic, financial, business and social interests of its members.

To provide its members bargaining power and to act as a bargaining agent for and on their behalf to effectively negotiate and contract for better deals, and better terms and conditions of doing business, with vendors, suppliers and service providers, with whom its members do business; to act as a disbursing agent for equitably and fairly disbursing the benefits amongst its members received for and on their behalf from any source(s).

To provide the members an opportunity to make an impact in the society in which they live and do business so as to gain acceptance and to create goodwill in the local community, and be part of the society in an exemplary way; to develop good relations with the federal, state, and local bodies and with other agencies, organizations, and associations in order to promote and safeguard the interests of its members.

To recognize and develop the concept of self-help and inter-dependence amongst its members leading to advancement of the mutual interest of its members; and to provide its members a platform from where activities to achieve the aims and objectives could be planned, organized, and administered.


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